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Step 1
Search for prices and availability of the medications you need
 Find your prescription:
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Call us Toll Free at
Our team of licensed pharmacists, doctors and customer care experts are readily available to assist you. Canada Medicine Mart's website is kept up-to-date with thousands of prescription products.

Step 2
Open an Account with Canada Medicine Mart
 Complete your order:
Order by Mail or Fax:
Download our Order Form
Complete and sign each page
Attach your prescription
Enclose payment
 Send us your order:
Please do not write on the actual prescription as this may render the prescription void.
Send your prescription, signed order form and payment to:
Canada Medicine Mart
7309 Gateway Blvd.
Edmonton AB, Canada, T6H 2J1
If you prefer, you can fax your information to:

Step 3
Receive Your Medication

The prescription for your drug(s) will be filled and sent out by mail to your home. You should receive your order within 2 weeks (14 days). A Canada Medicine Mart representative may contact you for additional information or to confirm your order. They may also contact your personal physician.

Please make cheque or money order payable to: PharmaGroup Canada Corporation.

When it's time for a refill, please call us Toll Free at 1-866-767-1010 or e-mail us at [email protected] with your name and prescription. We highly recommend that you order your prescription(s) 2-3 weeks prior to the expiration of your current medication to ensure a constant supply.

Returning prescription items:
If your prescription order was damaged in shipping, please call us immediately at 1 866 767 1010. We do not accept returns on prescription items in accordance with FDA regulations.

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